Obon Tradition

By Rinban Katsuya Kusunoki

The long awaited Obon season has come! This week, I would like to introduce some Obon traditions and their meanings.

Most temples in Japan conduct Obon Service in August. It is a long-standing tradition in Japan that people visit their ancestor’s gravesites during the Obon season. They deep clean the gravesites and offer flowers or fruits, and they put their palms together in gassho. People fondly recall their loved ones at the gravesites. Afterwards, they visit their temple and attend the Obon Service.

The concept of Obon in general is that the deceased loved one returns to this world during Obon Season. There are varying customs and traditions for Obon in Japan. Continue reading “Obon Tradition”

Rev. Katsu’s Weekly Message (6/1/2020) – Obon

I hope each of you are remaining safe and healthy during this unprecedented period of our lives. COVID-19 is turning our lives as we know it, upside down. Events which occur each year like clockwork is being affected. Obon season is soon approaching but this year, Seattle Betsuin’s Obon Odori is sadly canceled. But…not to despair as it is not completely cancelled. We are still planning to do virtual Bon Odori!! In these unprecedented times, Bon Odori 2020 will be unprecedented as well! Details will follow soon so please continue to visit our website for the latest information.
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Rev. Katsu’s Weekly Reflection (5/18/2020)

I hope all of you are staying safe and in good health.

I want to announce the Metta Award virtual ceremony was held on Saturday, May 16th. I am pleased to announce ten (10) students received the Metta Award. For those of you who may not know, let me share the following from the “Metta Award” website.

“The Metta Award program is designed to help Cub Scouts of Buddhist faith to deepen their faith and to further their knowledge and practice of the Buddhist Teachings.
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