Welcome to our temple

        Greetings from the ministers and members of the Seattle Buddhist Temple and welcome to our website. Our temple has practiced the Jodo Shinshu tradition in Seattle for more than one hundred years.  Jodo Shinshu Buddhism comes to us from Japan, and falls into a sect of Buddhism called Pure Land. Jodo Shinshu, with its simple practices and compatibility with family life, has historically appealed to the common people of Japan.

          Our central practice is listening to the Dharma (teachings of the Buddha) combined with self-reflection.

           There are no specific rituals that you need to know about prior to your visit, and we invite you to participate in our many programs and activities, from Sunday and Wednesday morning services, to classes on Buddhism, book study groups, seminars on topics ranging from Buddhism and ecology to scholarly interpretations of sutras (scriptures).  You have an opportunity to sing in the choir and play in the ukulele band. In 2019 we introduced The Buddhist Education Center, a series of lectures by different Buddhist practitioners. Another component of our education program is a Dharma School for children. We also offer a weekly meditation experience before Sunday services (Sundays at 9 am) which newcomers often find is a comfortable first step in becoming involved with the Seattle Buddhist Temple.

            The Jodo Shinshu tradition, as practiced at the Seattle Buddhist Temple, welcomes everyone who appreciates and respects the Buddha’s guidance, and accepts people as they are. The Temple has made a commitment to Engaged Buddhism, and encourages its members to participate in a variety of community events and outreach opportunities that range from participation in Seattle’s annual Pride Parade and the Walk for Rice fundraising event and feeding homeless youth

            For more information, please check out other resources on this site, such as FAQ, what to expect if you attend a Sunday service, and Dharma School program for children and youth.

            We look forward to your joining us for future services and events.