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In our tradition of Buddhism, remembering and honoring those close to us after their passing is very important. Gathering with a sense of gratitude in honor of our deceased loved ones ensures we keep them in our hearts while also remembering that we are all interconnected.

This also gives us reason to gather with those who we don’t get to see on a regular basis, reinforcing our ties with family members and friends. One way we do this is through memorial services or “Hoji” (Dharma affair) at incremental dates following a loved one’s passing. The Hoji are a system of private memorial observances for family members. Extended family members, and sometimes close friends, will gather at the temple or at home in memory of a deceased loved one.

These are opportunities to reflect on how our lives are related to our loved one who passed away. An important effect of this custom has been the reinforcing of family ties with members beyond one’s immediate family. This gives us a sense of continuity from generation to generation.

Some of these dates are:

The date of passing

49th day service

100th day service

1st year memorial

3rd year memorial

7th year memorial

13th year memorial

17th year memorial

25th year memorial

33rd year memorial

50th year memorial

100th year memorial

After this, memorials are held every 50 years as a way of keeping those who have passed in our hearts while sharing histories and stories with their descendants

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