No Sunday Service at the Betsuin this Weekend

Service will be held at the Hyatt Regency at Seattle’s Southport at 10:00am. Please join us for the NW District Convention’s closing Eitaikyo service.

The term Eitaikyo, an abridgement of eitai-dokkyo, means the perpetual chanting of the sutra in memory of the deceased, signifying that all those who have passed away lived in the Teachings of the Buddha. This signification gives each of us a chance to affirm our own understanding of Buddhism because of the guidance of the Buddha through our loved ones. Such affirmation gives us the precious opportunity to see how the Dharma has helped in our lives and to realize oneness of life. It means we are all connected.  Acknowledging our Dharma connection to those who have passed away empowers us to further pursue the path of the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, which have been our spiritual treasures. The great virtue that may be accumulated in Pure Land Shin Buddhism is through the practice of the Dharma in our daily lives.


Dana for World Peace, part 4

The BCA National Council Meeting and the NW Convention is coming around the corner. They will be held on Feb 21st – 23rd at the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington. You can find the details on the Seattle Betsuin website. I hope many people come to the convention and enjoy the Dharma.

For this convention we would like to try a new approach. We will not print any sutra for the services in the program booklet. We will provide a limited number of service books for those who have not brought one. I would like to ask you to bring your own service book which includes “Juseige” and “Amida Sutra.” (Don’t forget to write your name on it.) Please use a small bag or Furoshiki to bring your service book. Continue reading “Dana for World Peace, part 4”

Convention 2020 Registration Extended!

For those that haven’t yet. Be sure to register for convention soon! Prices will be going up on February 6th for registration. As a reminder, our theme for this year is “Dana for World Peace”. We will be focusing on the varying ways to make a difference and how our Buddhist perspectives can help us through trying times. Convention Registration is available below!

Continue reading “Convention 2020 Registration Extended!”

Zen Master Dogen’s “Mountains and Waters Sutra”

Dr. Jason Wirth of Seattle University will be hosting a lecture as part of the Seattle Buddhist Study Center this Sunday. The lecture will begin at 11:00am in the Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple dining room. All are welcome to attend and for those that have time, there is a service beforehand in the Main Hall of the temple starting at 10:00am.