Sunday Services

Every Sunday
10:00 a.m. Main Service in the hondo (main sanctuary). Sutra chanting, singing, and dharma talk.

Families with school age children: Please see a more detailed schedule with information on special family services (monthly) and Dharma School.

See also: Typical Service Format, Temple Etiquette

Programs at 10:45 a.m. after Service

Dharma Exchange

The Betsuin Dharma Exchange is an informal gathering held after the Sunday English service. People gather to ask questions, share their insights, and share each other’s company over light refreshments (usually donuts!), coffee or tea, and Buddhist conversation.

Japanese Howa/Program

A Japanese language program is held in the Hondo immediately following the 10AM Sunday service comprised of a reading, a Howa (Dharma talk) and a Japanese language gatha.  Guest speakers are invited to the temple to deliver a live Howa and pre-record a group of video Howa to be shown on Sundays when a live guest speaker is unavailable.  Other video and audio programs are also included which are produced by the Nishi Hongwanji or other organizations/temples.


9:00 a.m. Meditation at 1441 S. Main St. Sutra chanting, 20-minute meditation, discussion.