New Visitors

Thank you for visiting the Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple! The Seattle Betsuin is a Jodo Shinshu (Shin Buddhist, The True Essence of Pure Land Buddhist Teaching) Temple serving the greater Seattle area.

Rev. Katsuya Kusunoki is the resident minister of the Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple. He has served as a Buddhist minister for more than 20 years and has served the Seattle Betsuin since 2017.

What to expect from a typical Sunday service

Welcome to Seattle Betsuin Buddhist temple. With the exception of Special Services, our Sunday Services typically follow the following format. For more information on Buddhist terms or definitions, click here.

Service Order

  • Ringing of the Bonsho (Summoning Bell)
  • Ringing of the Kansho (Calling Bell)
  • Opening Remarks
  • Sutra Chanting (Buddhist Chant)
  • Gatha (Buddhist Song)
  • Buddhist Reading
  • Dharma Talk/Howa (Buddhist Message)
  • Announcements
  • Closing Remarks

Before or after service, all are invited to make an incense offering (Oshoko) at one of the incense burners at the front of the Hondō (Main Hall). Originally incense was burned as a symbolic gesture of cleansing before approaching a person or object of reverence. The burning of incense symbolizes the extinction of impure thoughts and the transiency of all existence.

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