Adult Buddhist Association


In May 1938, with 38 members, the Lotus Shoyukai (YABA) formed out of the Lotus Seinenkai (YBA). This group was motivated towards the “Americanization” of the temple. After World War II, the club was reactivated in September 1946 and was composed of single and married members.

In 1964, with the older bilingual members leaving to form the Gojikai, the Shoyukai (YABA) organization was left with 200 members. Beginning in the 70s, the younger temple members felt alienated from the group and were reluctant to join an organization comprised of people the age of their parents and the organization dwindled.

By 1982, a new group known as the Adult Buddhist Association (ABA) comprised of members over 40 years of age was organized. The YABA members between the ages of 25 and 40 continued for a time but later became inactive. Today, the ABA continues to support the many temple activities.