Jodo Shinshu and Marriage, part 2

by Rimban Katsuya Kusunoki

I received a letter from my younger brother and his fiancée. It was an invitation to their wedding. The wedding is going to be in July in Japan. The first thing that came up in my mind is why did they choose to get married in July? They must consider their schedule, their family’s schedule, and friends’ schedule, but it is very hot and muggy in Summer in Japan. Anyway, I now deeply feel joy to celebrate their wedding.

Let me introduce you to an example of a wedding program at our mother temple, Hongwanji.

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Jodo Shinshu and Marriage

by Rimban Katsuya Kusunoki

The 1st Seattle Youth Minister’s Assistant Retreat was held in January. In a workshop, I took them to the Seattle Koyasan Temple (Shingon Sect) located on the other side of Wisteria Park. We learned about the basic teaching of Shingon sect and experienced the Shingon style of meditation. It was a great opportunity for us to learn another Buddhist sect’s teaching and practice. Through this experience we were also able to make our understanding of Jodo Shinshu teaching deeper. In a discussion Rev. Taijo, who is the head priest of Seattle Koyasan temple, asked one question. “What is the decisive difference between Jodo Shinshu sect and other Buddhist sects?” Continue reading “Jodo Shinshu and Marriage”

Bon Odori festival over for another year

It’s all over but the great memories.

To those who attended our 87th Bon Odori Festival, danced until dark, enjoyed delicious food and spent time appreciating Japanese culture from judo to ikebana to a bit of World War II history, we thank you.

To hundreds of volunteers — temple members past and present and their families and friends, and friends of friends — another thank you.  You planned for months ahead of the event, helped with set up, cooking, procuring food and equipment, leading dances, taiko, selling merchandise, AV, security, accounting, emceeing, sharing information with guests about the temple and Buddhism, the many displays, and, lastly, clean up.  All your efforts led to the best Bon Odori ever.


Rev. Kusunoki and Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple