Let’s shout our love (Nembutsu) in the center of the Hondo!!

by Rimban Katsuya Kusunoki

In Japan March is the end of the school year and fiscal year. Everything restarts in April. So, spring is the season when people experience parting from friends and meeting with new friends. Parting with and meeting with people are conditions of Love. Don’t you think so? Do you still remember the feeling of love, or are you still in love? I remember I made a lot of mistakes in Love. Love is blind! I was so nervous when I told about my love to a lady who I deeply loved.

Let’s think about a general love story where one person tells their feelings to another.
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Rev. Takashi Miyaji – Sunday, August 26th

Our guest speaker on Sunday morning, August 26th at 10 AM will be Rev. Takashi Miyaji of the Tacoma Buddhist Temple. Sensei grew up in Los Angeles, CA, graduated from UC Berkeley, obtained his Master’s degree from the Institute of Buddhist Studies and is completing his doctoral dissertation on Shin Buddhist Ethics at Ryukoku University in Kyoto Japan. The Tacoma Buddhist Church is sensei’s first temple assignment which began in December of last year.