Gomonshu-sama’s Visit to the NW District

On September 3rd, 2019 Gomonshu-sama Kojun Ohtani visited the Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple. It was a joyous day filled with good food, company and meaningful interactions. Below are some of the highlight photos from the visit as well as the message that was delivered by Gomonshu-sama when he was at our temple.

Thank you to all of our incredible volunteers, sponsors and Sangha members for helping make Gomonshu-sama’s welcome banquet possible!

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Bon Odori festival over for another year

It’s all over but the great memories.

To those who attended our 87th Bon Odori Festival, danced until dark, enjoyed delicious food and spent time appreciating Japanese culture from judo to ikebana to a bit of World War II history, we thank you.

To hundreds of volunteers — temple members past and present and their families and friends, and friends of friends — another thank you.  You planned for months ahead of the event, helped with set up, cooking, procuring food and equipment, leading dances, taiko, selling merchandise, AV, security, accounting, emceeing, sharing information with guests about the temple and Buddhism, the many displays, and, lastly, clean up.  All your efforts led to the best Bon Odori ever.


Rev. Kusunoki and Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple

Join the Seattle Betsuin in the Spirit of Openness and Inclusion

Come and be a part of the Seattle Pride Parade with the Seattle Betsuin for the third straight year! Our group will be marching in the parade once again this year and everyone is welcome to participate in the march on June 30th. Registration for the event can be found through the link below.

Register for the Seattle Betsuin’s Pride Parade Group

There is no cost to participate, but donations or purchases of Pride and temple merchandise are welcome to help offset the cost of registering our group!

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