Rev. Katsu’s Weekly Message (4/20/2020)

Head Minister Katsuya Kusunoki
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many events where people gather are canceled or postponed. As many of you know, I love baseball. The opening day of the MLB and Japanese Professional Baseball league are postponed and have not been rescheduled yet. I hope this pandemic will be over and I can enjoy watching the baseball games.

When I was a child, I used to play baseball every day. There were the precincts of my family’s temple. It was my first baseball field. When I threw the ball, I carefully copied a professional player’s pitching form. When I hit a ball, I copied a professional player’s batting form. Although my baseball skills were totally different from theirs, I did my best by copying their forms and learning their skills. It was fun to do that because they were my idols and superstars and I wanted to be like them.

I am a Buddhist. My goal and ideal is to become a Buddha. Amida Buddha attained great wisdom and compassion. I study and learn about Amida Buddha’s wisdom and compassionate acts. I quickly realize that my views and actions and Amida Buddha’s are totally different. I just try my best to copy Amida Buddha’s wisdom view and compassionate acts.

It is always important to set my goal. When I do so, I do not lose my vision and way of living. Each day becomes a path to approach my goal. I feel grateful to copy my ideal. Realizing the difference between me and Amida Buddha, allows me to better understand who I am. Then I can live my life fully and each day becomes a precious day. It is my Nembutsu path. Gassho,

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