Rev. Katsu’s Weekly Reflection (5/18/2020)

I hope all of you are staying safe and in good health.

I want to announce the Metta Award virtual ceremony was held on Saturday, May 16th. I am pleased to announce ten (10) students received the Metta Award. For those of you who may not know, let me share the following from the “Metta Award” website.

“The Metta Award program is designed to help Cub Scouts of Buddhist faith to deepen their faith and to further their knowledge and practice of the Buddhist Teachings.

The Word “Metta” is a Buddhist term meaning loving kindness and goodwill. This word is selected as the name for the Cub Scout religions award with the hope of nurturing children who will relate to all animate and inanimate things with loving kindness and goodwill in their heart.”

The word “compassion” in Sanskrit is maitri (metta) or karuna. Maitri means loving kindness and goodwill. Karuna means “to feel hurt/suffering” or “to feel sorrow or sadness”. It is important that “Metta” or “Karuna” is not directed only towards one particular person, but rather an expression directed equally to all human beings and living being (sentient beings).

As you have noted, every week, I am introducing one teaching from the book, “Buddha is our Teacher”. One of the teachings says that “All living creatures – no matter how big or small, flowers, insects, and animals – are our friends.” This is Buddha’s view and compassion. Although as humans, we have only a limited amount of love and kindness, let’s try to keep in mind, the Buddha’s view of compassion and try to see all living beings through the eyes of the Buddha.

Many of you know the Seattle Betsuin has sponsored for decades, a very active Boy Scout, Cub Scout, and Campfire programs for our youth. Through these programs, did you know there are 5 different Buddhist awards: Sangha, Metta, Padma, Karuna, and Dharma? You can find the detailed information on each on the National Buddhist Committee on Scouting’s website ( Students study and learn about the Buddha’s views on Wisdom and Compassionate heart through these award programs. I hope that many young people will continue to engage in these Buddhist Award programs.

Namo Amida Butsu