White River Buddhist Temple: Rev. Mark Unno

Seminar with Reverend Mark Unno – Saturday, September 10, 2011


In this seminar, we will explore the ways in which our lives are buffeted by the storms of blind passion, only to open to the serene waters of compassion.  As we face uncertainty, both within and without, we are brought to awareness through the tranquil illumination arising from deep within, like an ocean of light.  Borne on the currents of boundless compassion, unexpected insights unfold amidst the creative rhythms of life and death.

Time: 9:30 to 3:00 (9:00 registration)

Cost:   $20 General    (sandwich & salad lunch included)

BCA Members $10

Location: White River Buddhist Temple (253) 833-1442

3625 Auburn Way North

Auburn, WA


Contact: Karen Murakami, wrlink4goldenchain@comcast.net

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Mark Unno is Associate Professor of Japanese Buddhism in the Department of Religious Studies, University of Oregon.  He is the author of Shingon Refractions: Myoe and the Mantra of Light (2004), is editor of Buddhism and Psychotherapy Across Cultures (2006), and is the author of various articles on Pure Land Buddhism, comparative religion, and Buddhism and psychology. He is an ordained minister in the Shin Buddhist tradition and works with Buddhist groups, general audiences, as well as with students and scholars. He resides in Eugene, Oregon with his wife Megumi and his two cats Onyx and Taata.

Registration Deadline – Sunday, September 4, 2011