Sunday Service Program 4-12-2020

Thank you to everyone who has been joining us on YouTube for Sunday services! Here is the program for this Sunday’s service starting at 10:00am

The service can be found at:

Materials for the service:

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News from the Betsuin

Betsuin News:

On-line Services – The temple has been closed for a month. The “stay at home, stay healthy” directive will be in effect for at least another month. Please attend the virtual services on Seattle Betsuin’s YouTube channel. Rev. Kusunoki conducts morning services at 10:00am – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Saturday morning at 10:00am, a Shotsuki (memorial) service is conducted. Each Sunday, a service is uploaded at 10:00am, and includes many Seattle Betsuin and NW District Ministers and Sangha members. Go to and subscribe to the Betsuin. You can find the Seattle Betsuin on Facebook too.

Masks – The Buddhist Women’s Association and the Dharma School attendees are going to be making home-made masks. Karen Morikubo has sewn masks for the residents and employees at Wisteria Manor. Karen is the inspiration for making masks, to be given to Sangha members, once service is open to the public. Distancing and safeguards will be important, for a long time to come. The temple wants everyone to be safe when the restrictions are lifted. If you sew and are interested in making masks, please let me know.

Dana/Memberships/Donations – The temple continues to operate, even without Sangha members present. Membership dues and donations are important in keeping the temple personnel, programs and on-line services running smoothly. Please consider paying dues or donating to the temple.

Contact – I can be reached at Feel free to write if you would like to comment, ask a question(s) or have any suggestions/concerns.

Thank you!
Leanne Nishi-Wong

Temple Office is Closed

The Seattle Betsuin has suspended all activities in the interest of the safety of our Sangha and community. Services are still being streamed on Sunday’s at 10:00am at the link below. If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Rev. Kusunoki will also be doing short streams each morning, except for Thursdays and Sundays, at 10:00am where he will lead a sutra and give some brief remarks to listeners on our YouTube channel.

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