Sarana Affirmation Service (Kie Shiki)

If you have yet to receive a Buddhist Name (Homyo) please consider taking advantage of an opportunity to participate in a Sarana Affirmation Service (Kie Shiki) at the temple on Sunday, August 7, 2011 at 12:00 noon. The affirmation will be officiated by Socho Koshin Ogui, the Bishop of the Buddhist Churches of America.

For those who plan to visit Japan, affirmation services are available at our mother temple, the Nishi Hongwanji in Kyoto Japan. Contact Rinban Castro for more information. For those who don’t have the opportunity to visit Kyoto the affirmation service is occassionally offered here in Seattle and occurs when either the Monshu, the leader of the Nishi Hongwanji and a direct descendant of our sect’s founder Shinran Shonin, or the Socho of the Buddhist Churches of America visits Seattle. The last Sarana Affirmation service in Seattle was held in January of 2010.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? The service is open to all. There are no age requirements.

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF KIE SHIKI? The special service is an opportunity for Jodo Shinshu Buddhists who aspire to lead the Buddhist way of life to affirm their entry onto the Path of Nembutsu. By appearing before the shrine of Amida Buddha and taking refuge in the Three Treasures (Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha), we pledge to live the Buddhist way of life.

WHAT IS THE KIE SHIKI CEREMONY? The affirmation ceremony is performed for laypersons who have indicated the desire to participate in the ceremony. Its basic ritual is recalling the act of Siddhartha when he resolved to enter the spiritual path of life.

A Buddhist name is given to each participant as an indication that the person aspires for the Truth and is now counted among the disciples of Sakyamuni Buddha. It is through the teaching of Sakyamuni Buddha that we have been able to hear the Dharma of Amida Buddha’s primal vow.

WHAT IS THE BUDDHIST NAME OR DHARMA NAME? A Buddhist Name (Homyo) is bestowed upon a person when participating in the affirmation ceremony during his or her life or posthumously at the funeral service. It is by far preferable for us to receive the Dharma name while we are still well and active. Those who already have a homyo may re-apply for a new one which incorporates a word or Japanese kanji character which has special meaning to you . Your Buddhist name should be selected in consultation with Rinban Castro. (see application)

APPLICATIONS: Those wishing to participate in the ceremony are requested to complete and submit their application to Seattle Betsuin by Sunday, July 17, 2011, (whether for your first or for a new homyo) accompanied by a fee of $25 payable to the Seattle Betsuin.