Puget Sound Shin Buddhism Study Series

Our Northwest ministers are coming together for a wonderful evening of workshops and education!

On June 12th, Rinban Kusunoki, Rev. Warrick, Rev. Miyaji and Rev. Sugahara will be at the Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple to share in discussing and learning about the Dharma. Don’t miss out on this awesome event!

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Join the Seattle Betsuin in the Spirit of Openness and Inclusion

Come and be a part of the Seattle Pride Parade with the Seattle Betsuin for the third straight year! Our group will be marching in the parade once again this year and everyone is welcome to participate in the march on June 30th. Registration for the event can be found through the link below.

Register for the Seattle Betsuin’s Pride Parade Group

There is no cost to participate, but donations or purchases of Pride and temple merchandise are welcome to help offset the cost of registering our group!

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Receiving Buddhist Name

by Rimban Katsuya Kusunoki

Gomonshu (the head priest and leader of Hongwanji) Kojun Ohtani is visiting the Northwest District in September, 2019. He is going to visit the Seattle Betsuin and conduct the Kikyoshiki Confirmation Ceremony. “Kikyoshiki” is the important ceremony for Buddhists to receive their Buddhist name and affirm the Buddhist path as their path to walk. It is a once in a life chance opportunity to receive your Buddhist Name directly from Gomonshu here in Seattle. On this very special occasion, please receive your Buddhist Name.

There are different ways to live as a Buddhist. Today, I would like to introduce four ways to live as a Buddhist. These are: becoming a member of Buddhist temple, receiving a Buddhist name, receiving a Tokudo ordination, and receiving a Kyoshi certification. Continue reading “Receiving Buddhist Name”