All Sangha Day

The Seattle Betsuin will be holding its third annual Sangha Appreciation Day to thank our members for everything they do throughout the year! Workshops will be held in place of Dharma Exchange and will be hosted by our own talented Sangha members

Workshops will be hosted by some of our very talented members teaching us various skills such as estate planning, cooking or photography. We will provide lunch for the day and will have a detailed schedule closer to the event on May 26th.

Another workshop area is going to feature food and recipes from our numerous talented cooks. If you have a recipe that you would be willing to share please contact Connor McKinney ( with details on what you would like to bring and a recipe list to be featured alongside your dish.

For anyone interested in hosting a workshop, please reach out to Connor and let him know what you would like to do along with any additional details.

Come out and take a break from your busy schedules to spend time with fellow Sangha members and take part in fun activities! Workshops will begin after service and will run until lunch. A session will last about 45 minutes and we will have two session blocks in order to let members try and attend multiple sessions.

We hope you have a wonderful time!