All Sangha Day Workshops and Schedule

On May 26th, our third annual Sangha Day celebration will be taking place. Activities commence directly after service and will run until about 1:00PM. A full schedule can be found below and a lunch will be provided for those that choose to participate!

For Dharma school parents who want to attend the second session, there will be a sign making and decorating session available for kids and parents alike in the gym! The sign will be used during the temple’s Seattle Pride Parade march to help represent our group

There is a downloadable version of the programs for the day that will also be available on Sunday morning

Full Schedule

10:00 – 10:45AM Service

11:00 – 11:40AM Workshop Session #1

11:45 – 12:15PM Lunch

12:20 – 1:00PM Workshop Session #2


Sangha Day Program

Workshops for session #1


Tea Ceremony with Reverend Don Castro

Reverend Castro will be teaching attendees about proper tea ceremony etiquette. He will also show people various tools and items that are used in traditional tea ceremonies!

Location: Memorial Hall Chapel


Learning our New Gathas with Kemi Nakabayashi

Kemi will be teaching our members about the new gathas that have been included in our wonderful new song books. Learn how to sing our beautiful new gathas with our music expert!

Location: The Hondo


Estate Planning with Micheal Teramoto

Micheal will be leading a workshop on basic estate planning. Finance is a point of stress for everyone, so come and get some tips on how to best organize yourself!

Location: The temple dining room


Origami Paper Folding with Leanne Nishi-Wong

Leanne will be teaching people how to fold origami paper cranes. The cranes will be used for the welcome banner that is being made prior to the Gomonshu’s visit!

Location: The stage in the gym

Tenugui and Clay Making with Janie Okawa and Suzanne Fujinari

Janie and Suzanne will be showing members how to make tenugui and clay figurines. People who make a clay piece will need to come back and paint it in the following weeks. If you have your own tenugui and would like to learn how to make your own head covering please feel free to bring that with you!

Location: Cub Scout room

*If you have your own and would like to learn how to make a head/hair covering, please bring it on Sunday


Workshops for session #2

Ceremonies and a Naijin Tour – Rinban Katsuya Kusunoki

Reverend Katsu will be taking members on a tour of the Naijin and explaining the significance behind some of the ceremonies that we hold within Jodo Shinshu Buddhism.

Location: The Hondo


Tips for Taking Better Photos – Joe Gotchy

Joe will be showing all levels of photographers how to take better photos. Whether you use a cell phone or sophisticated camera, Joe will be providing advice on how to take better photos.

Location: The temple dining room


Yukata and Kimono Wearing – Tyler Moriguchi

Tyler will be guiding our members through how to wear traditional Japanese clothing. For those that have Yukatas, please bring them with you as there will be a limited amount provided but there will be some available for general use!

Location: Downstairs high school classroom

*If you would like to bring in your own yukata and obi you can follow along as we show you how to get dressed.

Things you’ll need (if you have them):
1. under garments (shitagi, hadajuban) or t-shirt/tank top and thin shorts to wear under your yukata. note: dark colors might show through light-colored yukata.
2. himo (thin cord, sash) to hold yukata in place (one for men, two for women)
3. towel or furoshiki to stand on while getting dressed (optional)
Due to time-constraints we will probably only have time to cover one or two basic obi tying techniques.
Please let me know if you have any questions.


Rainbow Onenju Making – MA Matt May

Matt will be teaching our members how to make an Onenju. The rainbow Onenju that are made will be sold as part of the fundraising effort for the Seattle Betsuin’s Pride Parade group!

Location: The stage in the gym


Sign Decorating with Rosalie May

Rosalie will be making signs to be presented at the Seattle Pride Parade on June 30th. Kids and adults alike are welcome to attend this workshop and help in the decoration!

Location: Cub Scout room